DESE Mid-Cycle Review and Resulting Report

Representatives from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recently visited Riverview virtually to conduct a Mid-Cycle Review. This review entailed assessing of all components of our programing and facilities. DESE’s Review Team was thoroughly impressed with Riverview and shared the following observations with us:

• Students were actively engaged, and it was evident that they were invested in what they were learning.
• The community is able to think outside the box and problem solve as to how to best support students.
• Staff obviously enjoy the students and are committed to empowering students.
• Educators noted that they feel supported during the pandemic and were grateful for the boost in technology that came with the pandemic.
• Staff seemed happy, committed, and were observed to be patient and engaged in relationship building with students.
• Staff are clearly committed to preparing students for success and becoming highly confident.
• Staff clearly support students with education, life skills, vocational, coping skills, and independent living skills. Riverview is the whole package!
• The grounds, space, and tour were great – facilities are beautiful and spaces are well maintained.

Though initially we were concerned that all that is wonderful about Riverview might not be evident via a virtual review, it is obvious from their comments that the team was able to appreciate the spirit that makes our school such a wonderful community. The result of their visit is that Riverview was found to be in full compliance with the policies, protocols, and expectations reviewed during their visit. The final report can be found here:

MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Report

If you have any questions about the results of this review or the process itself, please reach out to Maria Cashdollar at Thank you to all who took part in this process. We are very proud of our students, our staff, and our school!

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